Working Class families will now have an opportunity to buy a new two-bedroom home with an affordable mortgage payment under $700 a month.

The WE BUILD Foundation will help to establish a precedent for small, healthy, affordable homes which will have minimal operating and long term maintenance expenses.  We will work with local organizations, community development groups, and financial institutions to ensure that the financing is available to meet the income of each individual.  We will lean heavily on the concept of ‘sweat equity’ through educational classes to both lower the cost of construction as well as building marketable construction related skills.
WE BUILD are Committed:
  •  to advancing the role of women in the construction field and will have ‘women-centered’ building courses.
  • to finding housing solutions for individuals located within specific targeted regions who’s needs have been clearly defined and expressed to us.
  • to carefully select the end-users through a process administered by WE BUILD
  • to place a priority on women with children, women veterans, and transitioning members of our society who are struggling to meet their basic needs.’